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Carbohydrate Reserves in Plants - Synthesis and Regulation A.K. Gupta and N. Kaur (Editors) © 2000 Elsevier Science B. V. All rights reserved.

Fructan metabolism in jerusalem artichoke and chicory

Anil K. Gupta and Narinder Kaur

Department of Biochemistry, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana-141 004, India

Fructans of inulin type are the reserve carbohydrates in roots of chicory and tubers of jerusalem artichoke. The progress made on the (a) enzymology of fructan metabolism, (b) localization of fructan synthesizing and hydrolyzing machinery, (c) carbohydrate changes during growth, (d) in vitro fructan metabolism, (e) possible mode of regulation of fructan metabolism and (f) effect of nitrogen on fructan accumulation has been reviewed. Some recent researches on discovery of new inulo-n-ose series fructans, cloning of fructan biosynthesis pathway and possibility of using sugar beet for production of fructo oligosaccharides by introducing 1-sst gene in this crop have been reported.

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