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Sucrose Phosphate Synthase (nmol/min/g protein)

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SPS - SAI (nmol/min/g protein)

plants grown at 3 different temperatures were analysed (22). No correlation to any enzyme was found, when only ripe internodes were considered (2021) or when seasonal development was compared (23). Transformation of sugarcane suspension cells with SAI-antisense indeed increased the intracellular concentration of sucrose, whereas transformation to increase neutral invertase activity decreased the sucrose level (24).

Analysis of glycolytic and respiratory metabolites in internodes of different age revealed that no shift in metabolite concentrations or metabolite ratios was obvious during ripening, except a decline in hexoses (25). The divertion of sugar consumption away from respiration towards sucrose storage was attributed to a restriction of "substrate availability".The same had been found before for sugarcane suspension cells (12).

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