Conclusion And Future Strategies

With regard to sucrose accumulation in beetroots, not only the sucrose metabolising enzymes such as SuSy and SPS have to be considered in future experiments on the molecular genetics level as factors determining sink strength and sucrose accumulation capacity. In analogy to the situation at the source site, future experiments down to the molecular genetics level (including the generation of transgenic plants) should pay attention to the possible influence of cell wall bound acid invertase within the different sink tissue regions, the influence of the number (and specific activity) of the plasmalemma and tonoplast bound sugar transporters and the influence of hormonal control over their development as well as of sugar sensing. An important tool in this regard could be the comparison of different subspecies of Beta vulgaris, e.g. vulgaris var. alba (fodder beet, 3-5% sucrose) vs. altissima (sugar beet, 15-20% sucrose) or even of sugar beet with the presumed "mother" Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima.

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