Knuth 1934, 1939c

Lecythidaceae subfam Napoleonoideae tribe Asterantheae

Pichon 1945

Lecythidaceae subfam Napoleonoideae tribe Asterantheae

Melchior 1964

surfaces, lower surface with minute clustered hairs visible only at very high magnification, acuminate at apex, the acumen 4-15 mm long, cuneate at base; midrib more or less plane above or slightly raised near base, prominulous or prominent beneath; primary veins plane and rather inconspicuous on both surfaces; leaves subsessile or with very short petioles to 3 mm long. Stipules minute and caducous. Flowers borne solitarily on long axillary pedicels, the pedicels 12-18 mm long, glabrous; bracteoles 2, small, caducous, inserted at base of pedicels. Receptacle conical with a circular accrescent calyx, crenate margin, glabrous. Pseudo-corolla (outer row of staminodes) a single united radiate unit with 24-28 conspicuous veins from center to margin, the margins ciliate, colored yellow. Stamens numerous with thin free filaments to 7 mm long, arranged in several rows around the interior rim of the pseudo-corolla; anthers small. Style to 5 mm long, glabrous. Fruit to 2 cm long, the persistent calyx expanding and forming a circular rim around the fruit, smooth below rim, deeply costate above rim, the costae coming to a pointed apex. The single seed obconical-pyriform with swollen base and pointed apex filling the interior of the loculus, the other loculi abort and are not apparent in the mature fruit.

Type. Ferreirasn (ex herb. Lusitan. comm. Geoffroy), Brazil, Amazonas, Rio Negro fl (holotype, P).

Distribution. Flooded forest on sand beside black water rivers of the upper Rio Negro region of Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. Where this geographically restricted plant does grow it often grows in great abundance even though the lack of collections indicate otherwise.

COLOMBIA. Guainia: Rio Guainia; between Maroa and Victorino, Maguire & Wurdack 35585 fl (COL, F, IAN, MICH, NY, US, frag INPA), Puerto Colombia, opposite Maroa,

Schultes, Baker & Cabrera 18214 fl (BM), Maguire, Wurdack & Keith 41834 fl (NY). VENEZUELA. Terr. Amazonas: Río Guainía, above mouth of Rio Casiquiare, Spruce 3500 fl (BM, CGE, E, F, G, MG, NY, OXF, P); between Caño San Miguel and Maroa, Wurdack & Ad-derley 43265 fr (F, G, NY, US, VEN). BRAZIL. Amazonas: Rio Negro; Cucuí, Ducke 39 fl (F, NY, US), mouth of Rio Curicuriarí, Ducke 57 fl (F, G, NY, P, RB 23883), 57a fr (G, NY, RB 23883); Tapuruquara, Monteiro 1450 fl (INPA, NY), 1452 fl (INPA, NY), 1455 fl (INPA, NY),

1456 a (INPA, NY), Prance et al 15798 f] (INPA, MG, NY, U); Rio Uneiuxi, Matozinho, Froes 22359 fr (IAN, NY, P, US, VEN), 100-200 km above mouth, Prance et a! 15481 fl fr (F, INPA, MG, NY, S, U, US).

No local names or uses are recorded for this species.


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