Fundamental shift in Africa

There have been fundamental shifts in soybean enterprise in Africa - from being a net exporter of oilseeds until the mid 1970s to net importer after

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Fig. 20.2. Demand for soybean in sub-Saharan Africa (authors' projections using the IMPACT model).

(Diaz-Bonilla and Reca, 2000). There has been a dramatic decline in the world market share for African exports of processed products from oilseed. Less developed countries overtook developed countries in oilseed exports in the mid 1970s (Diaz-Bonilla and Reca, 2000). Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) accounts for <1% of the total demand and import of soybean. Our projection shows that SSA's demand for soybean will increase significantly and consistently to reach about 2% of the world demand (Fig. 20.2). Figure 20.2 is an amplification of the crowded Fig. 20.1, although based on similar data just for SSA. It shows an increase from <1% to slightly >2%. As in other regions, this increase is mainly determined by the increasing demand for non-food soybean products.

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