Conclusions and Future Prospects

With our knowledge of selected soybean nematodes and the economic losses they cause, as discussed in this chapter, fellow nematologists and other plant protection experts must be armed with basic, applied and advanced knowledge of soybean nematode management. We are expected to rise to the challenges posed by these insidious pests.

The knowledge shared, if well utilized, will make the soybean economy and soybean production more robust, enabling farmers to meet the ever-increasing demands of both national and international markets. The ideas shared will enable all stakeholders in soybean production and the value chain to comply with the global clarion call to reduce agrochem-ical inputs into agricultural production and utilize eco-friendly strategies to overcome the challenges posed by pests. In this regard, the recent advances in soybean nematode management - such as stringent exclusion and quarantine strategies, nematode-suppressive soil, breeding for nematode resistance and crop performance, remote-sensing utilization and host plant resistance, biofertilizers and biopesticides - could form a viable roadmap for soybean nematode management. Networking among different specialists in specialized areas of nematology, such as nematode taxonomy and nematode management, is essential to enhance the quality of research data. The holistic, interdisciplinary approach to crop science research should be further strengthened so that experts in plant breeding, agronomy, nematology and other related disciplines form formidable research teams. Such teams may deliver the expected results in science, technology and agriculture.

In conclusion, further research for developments in soybean nematode management and information-sharing should be encouraged and supported. This effort, if consolidated and well funded, will give birth to promising eco-friendly strategies in sustainable agriculture.

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