Activation energy

Kitic and Viollaz (1984) determined activation energies for the diffusion of water in soybeans (cv. Williams) in the range of 28.9-31.0 kJ mol-1 during thin-layer drying over a moisture content range of 42-62% db. Singh and Kulshrestha (1987) reported that the activation energy for the diffusion of water in soybeans (cv. Bragg) during sorption was 44.3 kJ mol-1. Li et al. (2002) provided the following equation (51) to determine water diffusivity in soybeans during drying and reported an activation energy of 38.2 kJ mol-1:

Gely and Giner (2007) reported activation energies between 16.6 and 28.8 kJ mol-1 when soybeans (cv. Nidera A6381) were dried in a thin layer using air at temperatures between 19°C and 75°C.

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