Vfirethorn Cotoneaster pyracanthap 192

Thickets; escape, Pennsylvania to Florida and Louisiana.

V AMERICAN BARBERRY, Berberis canadensis p. 193

Dry woods; w. Virginia and se, Missouri to Georgia.

V EUROPEAN BARBERRY, B. vulgaris (not ill us.) p. 193

V JAPANESE BARBERRY, B. thunbergii (not illus.) p. 193

AMERICAN PLUM, Prunus americana p. 19-1 Thickets; Massachusetts, New York, s. Ontario, s. Manitoba and w; Montana to nw. Florida and New Mexico*

♦V CANADA PLUM, P. nigra (leaf edge illus.) p. 195

CHICKASAW PLUM, P. angustifolia (not illus.) p. 195

♦V BULL ACE PLUM, i\ insititia (not illus,) p. 195

4V AMERICAN CRABAPPLE, Pyrus coronaria p. 196

Rich woods? thickets; centr, New York, s. Ontario, and e.

Kansas to w\ S, Carolina and n. Alabama.

For other native crabapples not illustrated, see pages 195-97.

V DEVIL S-CLUB, Oplopanax horridus (not illus.) p. 197

Osage Orange TreeOsage Orange Tree




Osage Orange Tree

Leaves not toothed long point short not evergreen point x

On/y fhorny p/ants with milky sap

End buds false true

Osage Orange Buds Picture

Thorns sharp, not branched



Leaves toothed evergreen not evergreen a

Sap not milky

End buds true

Thorns sharp never mostly branched


Osage Orange Tree


Osage Orange Tree

CANADA PLUM has blunt teeth

Leaves usually toothed never occasionally lobed lobed not evergreen

Sop nof milky

End buds false true

Some branches thornlike, sometimes blunt



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