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diameter 4"-10" (12"), Flowers March-May, Fruits yellow or red, Aug.-Oct,

Similar species: Munson Plum has leaves that are not flat but tend to fold lengthwise; stones not pointed at both ends. Remarks: Crown by horticulturists, this native species has given rise to numerous orchard varieties,

MUNSON PLUM Not illus,

Prunus munsoniana Wight & Hedrick

Recognition: A close relative of the Goose Plum. Mas longer, quite narrow leaves, which tend to fold lengthwise. Teeth on leaves may bear tinv reddish glands. Stones of fruits pointed at one end It too is parent of horticultural varieties. Thickets; s. Ohio, Missouri, and se. Kansas to Georgia, n. Mississippi, and centr. Texas.


Prunus alleghaniensis Porter

Recognition: \n eastern shrub or small tree with hairy twigs and narrow to egg-shaped finely-toothed and gradually long-pointed leaves that may be somewhat hairy beneath. Occasionally twig tips are spiny* Leaves 2"-5'\ Height to 17'; diameter to 8". Flowers April-May* Fruits purple, about 7As" in diameter, stone less flattened than in other plums, Vug,-Sept. See Beach Plum (p. 239). Thickets; Connecticut and w\ Pennsylvania to nw. V Carolina and ne. Tennessee. Reported also from Michigan,


The juneberries are shrubs or small trees with the leaves toothed and often blunt-tipped. The buds are different from those of other plants in being pink to reddish, slender, with scales that are dark-tipped and usually somewhat twisted. Bundle scars are 3 per leaf scar. I'he trunk bark is usually tight and rather dark, with 1owt vertical twisting ridges, A number of the lower clumped species spread by horizontal stems on or just beneath the ground surface.

Known variously us serviceberries, shadbushes, shadblows, and sarvis, the amelanchiers make up one of the "difficult" groups within the rose family. Whether there are few or many species depends upon the botanist consulted. The species are quite variable and some apparently hybridize. Marks of identification in winter have not been determined for all juneberries. The better-known species are illustrated,

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