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AMERICAN SNOWBELL Styrax americana Lam. p. 368 Recognition: A shrub with elliptic leaves usually nearly hairless; tew teeth or none. (Var pulvemlenta (Michx.) Perkins with leaves sometimes egg-shaped and hairy or scaly beneath occurs north to s. Virginia and Arkansas.) Twigs hairless or nearly so. Buds have no scales, blunt and brown-hairy, often one above another; end buds false. Single bundle scar, sometimes somewhat broken. Leaves Height to 14\ Flowers white, showy, in )"-2" elongate clusters, May. Fniits dry, 1-seeded, Sept,-Oct,

Similar species; Snowbells are our only species with naked buds and single bundle scars, Bigleaf Snowbell has wider-based, more hairy leaves and very hairy or scaly twigs.

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