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George A. Petrides, a veteran field naturalist, is Professor of Fisheries and Wildlife at Michigan State University in East Lansing. He received a Special Award from the federated Garden Clubs of Michigan in recognition of this Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs.

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A Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs

THE PETERSON FIELD GUIDE SERIES® Edited by Roger Tory Peterson

1 A. Bird Songs (eastern) — Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

2. Western Birds ~R.T Peterson

2A. Western Bird Songs —Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 3* Shells of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, W. Indies —Abbott & Morris

4. Butterflies (eastern) — Opler & Malikul

5. Mammals — Burt Grossenheider

6. Pacific Coast Shells (including Hawaii) — Morris

7- Rocks and Minerals —Pough

8. Birds of Britain and Europe — Petersont Mount fort, & Ilol torn

11. Eastern Trees — Petrides

11 A. Trees and Shrubs —Petrides

12. Reptiles and Amphibians (e. and cen, N, America) — Conant & Collins

13. Birds of Texas and Adjacent States — R.T Peterson

14. Rocky Mt. Wild flowers Craigheadp Craighead, & Davis

15. Stars and Planets — Pasachoff & Menzel

16. Western Reptiles and Amphibians — Stebbins

17- Wildflowers (ne. and n.-cen. N. America) — R.T. Peterson <fr McKenney

18. Birds of the West Indies —Bond

19. Insects (America north of Mexico) — Horror & White

20. Mexican Birds — R.T Peterson & Chalif

21. Birds1 Nests (east of Mississippi River) — Harrison

22. Pacific States Wildflowers — Niehaus Ripper

23. Edible Wild Plants (e. and cen, N. America) — L, Peterson

24. Atlantic Seashore — Gosner

25. Western Birds1 Nests — Harrison

26. Atmosphere —Schaefer & Day

27. Coral Reefs (Caribbean and Florida) — Kaplan

28. Pacific Coast Fishes —Eschmeyer, Herald, & Hammann

31. Southwestern and Texas Wildflowers - Niehausf Ripper; & Savage

32. Atlantic Coast Fishes — Robins, Ray; & Douglass

33. Western Butterflies — Tilden & Smith

34. Mushrooms — McKnight & McKnigkt

36. Southeastern and Caribbean Seashores — Kaplan

37. Ecology of Eastern Forests — Kricher & Morrison

38. Birding by Ear: Eastern ;ind Centra! — Walton & Law son

39. Advanced Birding — Kaufman

40. Medicinal Plants — Foster & Duke

41. Birding by Ear: Western — Walton & Law son

42. Freshwater Fishes (N. America north of Mexico) — Page & Burr

43. Backyard Bird Song— Walton & Lawson

44. Western Trees — Petrides

46. Venomous Animals and Poisonous Plants — Foster & Caras

47. More Birding by Ear: Eastern and Central — Walton & Lawson

48. Geology — Roberts & Hodsdon

50. California and Pacific Northwest Forests — Kricher & Morrison

51. Rocky Mountain and Southwest Forests — Kricher & A/am son i


A Field Guide to

Walton Lawson Birds Ear

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