Redbud Cercis canadensisp 208

Fertile woods; Connecticut, s. New York, s. Ontario, s. Wisconsin, and s. Nebraska to n, Florida and w. Texas.

♦ AMERICAN HACKBERRY, Celtis occidentalis p. 209

Woods and open places; more common southward, sw, Quebec and Idaho to n. Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Utah, 4 UPLAND HACKBERRY, C tenuifolia (not illus.) p. 209 4 LOWLAND HACKBERRY, C. laevigata (not illus.) p. 209

» NEW JERSEY TEA, Ceanothus americanus p. 209

Dry, open woods; centr. Maine, s. Quebec, and s. Manitoba to Florida and Texas.

V WILD-LILAC, C. sanguineus (not illus.) p. 210

Medicinal Plants Okla

leaves foofhed; often /obed sand papery" above velvety hair^


Twigs usuall

Twigs usually smooth even uneven


Leaves foofhed often /obed never /obed

Undersides r \ not sometimes r " 1 hairy hairy O

/ leaf bases uneven ^



Oklahoma Redbud

Crushed leaves and bark aromatic

Leaves nof toothed ovaf or hearf-s/iaped, /obed never /obed smooth or hairy

Leaf bases even

End buds true false




Leaves long-pointed

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