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Blueberries, huckleberries, bilberries, dcerberries, and cranberries all are included in the genus Vaccinium, a large and complex scries of acid-soil plants of the heath family. They often resemble one another closely and many hybridize. Small specimens in particular arc frequently difficult to identify. Winter identification characteristics are not always available. Cranberries are shown on Plate 32; other vacciniums on Plates 62 and 63,

Blueberries have small, mostly elliptic, short-stalked leaves, Twigs are slender, green or reddish, and often zigzag, covered with very numerous raised, granular speckles, or warts, usually visible to the eye but better seen under a lens. Two types of buds are commonly present: slim leaf buds and swollen flower buds, though both are small. The tiny bud scales frequently have long tapered tips. The end buds are false, There is 1 bundle scar per leaf scar. The small, whitish, bell-like blossoms are very ornamental. The blue or black fruits of blueberries contain many small seeds, in contrast to the huckleberries, which regularly have 10 nutlets per fruit. All have edible fruits; some are very tasty.

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