Needles 2-5 in bundles, evergreen

(3- and 5-leaved pines on this plate, 2-Ieaved pines on next plate)

Uplands; Newfoundland, centr Ontario and sw, Manitoba to e. Maryland, w. X, Carolina, n. Georgia, e> Tennessee, and ne, Iowa,

4 PITCH PINE, Pittus rigida p. 17

Sterile soils; Maine, se. Ontario and e. Ohio south to w,

S, Carolina, and in nits, to nw. Georgia and e, Tennessee*

I SWAMP PINE, Pinus serotina p. 17

Coastal Plain swamps and woods; s. New Jersey to Florida and Alabama. Uncommon in our portion of ratine,

| LOBLOLLY PINE, Pinus taeda p, 18

Coastal Plain and Piedmont Plateau; s. New Jersey to Florida, west to e. Texas and north in Mississippi Valley to swt fen* nessee, Arkansas, and e« Oklahoma.

♦ LONGLEAF PINE, Pinus australis p. 18

Sandy soils; Coastal Plain from se. Virginia to Florida and west to e. Texas.



Needles 2"-4", slender. Cones 3"-10"( thornless.


PITCH PINE Needles 2"-5", stout.

Cones J "-3", with stout thorns.

SWAMP PINE Needles 5"-ll", stout. Cones 2"-2'/j", with weak prickles


Needles 5"-10", slender. Cones 2Vi"-5", with stout thorns.

LONGLEAF PINE Needles 8"-18", slender. Cones 6"-10", with weak prickles.

'Some specimen* of Loblolly may bear both 2- and 3-needle clusters.




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