P 185

J SUMMER GRAPE, Vitis aestivalis p, 18,5

Dry woods; Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin to Georgia and Texas.


Viiis aestivalis var. argent ifolia

Woods; New Hampshire and s. Minnesota to sc. Virginia. Alabama, and Kansas. 5r POSTOAK GRAPE, V. lincecumii (not illus.) p. 185

lb — Leaves not woolly, though sometimes hairy, green beneath, if FROST GRAPE, Vitis vulpina p. 185

Bottomlands; se. New York, Illinois, and e, Kansas to Florida and Texas.

5r RIVERBANK GRAPE, Vitis riparia p. 186

Streambanks; New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba, and Montana to n. Virginia, W. Virginia, Tennessee, and New-Mexico.

5i DUNE GRAPE p. 186

V riparia var. syrticola (not il lus.)

) SAND GRAPE, Vitis rupestris p. 186

Sandy soils; Maryland, s, Pennsylvania, and Missouri to w. N. Carolina, Arkansas, and Texas, S BUSH GRAPE, V. acerifotia (not illus.) p. 186

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304 V. PLATE 35

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