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4 SHINGLE OAK, Quercus imhricaria p. 221

Fertile woods; New fersey, Pennsylvania, s, Michigan, and Iowa to S. Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, and st\ Kansas. 4 LAUREL OAK, Q. laurifolia (not illus,) p, 221

4 WILLOW OAK, Quercus phellos p. 222

Coastal Flaii 1 uplands; se. New York io nwt Florida, west to e. Texas, and north in Mississippi Valley to s, Illinois, se.

Missouri, and se- Oklahoma, 4 SAND OAK, Q. incana (not illus.) p. 222

4 WATER OAK, Quercus nigra p. 222

Coastal Plain and adjacent areas; s. New Jersey to centr. Florida, west to e. Texas, and north in Mississippi Valley to se* Missouri and e. Oklahoma.

4 LIVE OAK, Quercus oirginiana p. 222

Coastal Plain soils except toward Southwestt where it also occurs inland; set Virginia to s. Florida, west to centr. Texas and sw* Oklahoma. 4 DARLINGTON OAK, Q, hetnisphaerica (not illus.) p. 222





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