Not Toothed

Erect woody plants with leaves paired or whorled.

V SHEEP LAUREL, Kalmia angustifotia p. 78

Moist open areas, often hogs; Newfoundland, Labrador, and Manitoba to S. Carolina, mv. Georgia┬╗ and Tennessee,

V PALE LAUREL, Kalmia polifolia p. 79

Bogs and peat soils; Newfoundland, Labrador, and Alaska to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Oregon.

V COMMON PRIVET lAgustrum vulgare p. 7┬ź

Thickets, field borders and open woods; s. Maine and s, Ontario to N, Carolina, Ohio, and Michigan.

V CALIFORNIA PRIVET, L. ovaUfolium (not illus.) p. 79

V AMUR PRIVET, L amurense (not illus,) p. 79

V REGAL PRIVET, L. obtusifolium (not illus.) p. 80

V BUTTON BUSH, Cephalanthus occidental p. 80

Shallow ponds and wet shores; w. Nova Scotia, sw, Quebec, s, Ontario, s. Michigan, and sc. Minnesota to Florida, Texas, and California.

V SEA-OXEYE, Borrichia frutescens (not illus.) p. 81

V SMOOTH ALLSPICE. Calycanthus fertilis p. 81

Mountain forests; s. Pennsylvania and s. Ohio to Georgia and Alabama.

V HAIRY ALLSPICE, C. ftoridus (not illus.) p. 81 fY FRINGE-TREE, Chionanthus virgtnicus p. 81

Floodplains; New ersey, W. Virginia, s. Ohio, s, Missouri, and st\ Oklahoma to centr. Florida, e. Texas. For the following species not illustrated, see text; f DEVILWOOD, Osmanthus americanus p. 79

V BUCKLEYA, Buckleya distichophytla p. Hi)

V NESTRONIA, Nestronia umbellula p. 80

V SWAMP LOOSESTRIFE, Decodon verticillatus p. 80

Privet Tree


Aplike DesenleriSheep Laurel Leaf

Leaves leathery, evergreen usually less than 2" long often seldom

green or pale white beneath beneath

Twigs round, Twigs 2-edged, hairless hairless


Round Leaf Osmanthus


Sheep Laurel Leaf


Iways paired,

often in whorls of 3, over 2'/2"

Twigs round, hairy or not COMMON PRIVET BUTTONBUSH

Leaves neither /eaffoery nor evergreen

Central end bud present lacking

Side buds bedded

Evergreen Tree BudsLong Toothed Leaves

Leaves neither leathery nor evergreen

Central end bud i lacking present

Leaves paired, over 2W

spicy odor Twigs round, when crushed ^^ JV hairy or not


not aromatic FRINGE-TREE

1 io


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