Flowering plants that, excepting Tamarisk, Corse, and Dwarf Mistletoe, are creeping, mat-forming. Dry fruit capsules, pods, or berries often present.

V DOWNY HUDSONIA* Hudsonia ericoides p. 28

Sands and poor soils near the coast; Newfoundland and Prince Edward I. to New Jersey and Delaware.

* WOOLLY HUDSONIA, Hudsonia tomentosa p. 28

Sands, ( specially along coast and Great Lakes; Prince Edward L, s. Labrador, and n. Alberta to V Carolina, n, Indiana, Illinois, and Saskatchewan,

4* TAMARISK, Tamarix gftllica (not illus.) p. 28

V HEATHER, Calluna vulgaris p. 28

European; established on sandy or acid soils; local, Newfoundland and Michigan to New Jersey and W. Virginia.

V CASS I OPE, Cassiope hypnoides p. 29

Tundras and mountaintops; from the Far North to Maine, New Hampshire and New York.

V CROSSLEAF HEATH, Erica tetralix (not illus.) p. 29

V CORNISH HEATH, E, vagans (not illus.) p. 29 * SCOTCH HEATH, E. cinerea (not illus.) p, 29

V BROOM-CROWBERRY, Corema conradii p. 29

Sandy arid rocky places near coast; Newfoundland to New Jersey.

V BLACK CROWBERRY, Empetrum nigrum p. 29

Acid and sandy soils; Arctic to n. New England, n. Michigan, n. Minnesota, s, Alberta, and n. California and on e. Long Island.


E. atropurpureum (not illus.)

V ROCK CROWBERRY, E. eamesii (not illus.) p. 30

V DWARF MISTLETOE p. 30 Arceuthobium pusiltum (not illus.)

Parasitic mostly on Spruce, but also on Larch and White Fine bra riches; Newfoundland, Ontario, and Minnesota to n. New Jersey, n. Pennsylvania, and Michigan,

V MOUNTAIN-HEATH, Phyllodoce caerulea p, 30

Tundras and hogs; south to Newfoundland, Quebec, Maine, and New Hampshire,

V CORSE, Ulex europacus p. 30

European; sandy areas; escape from sc. Massachusetts to Virginia and Wt Virginia and on the West Coast.

hugging twigs,

Mensa Schlange

Need/es wJiife-haîry

Fruits dry 1 -pa rted capsules

Need/es wJiife-haîry spreading,

hugging twigs,

Fruit* dry 1-pa rted capsules

Older bark flaking



Plants With Dry Dehiscent Capsules

Fruits dry 4-pa rted capsules

Needles green sharp, blunt,

Fruits dry 4- to 5-pa rted capsules

Leafy twigs 4-sided fernlike mosslike

Older bark smooth



Broom Crowberry



Needles green

Leaf twigs mostly round in cross section

Older bark flaking

Fruits juicy 6- to 9-seeded berries

Needle shape

Fruits dry 5-pa rted capsules

Needles green flat, thorny,


Leafy twigs not 4 sided

Older bark flaking ridged

Fruits short pods

Fruits dryish 3- to 5-seeded berries

Needle shape


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