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Name Plate

5. Tendrils present:

6- Prickly or green-stemmed GREENBRIERS 33

6. Without prickles, brown-stemmed

5, Tendrils lacking:

7. Leaves finely toothed and somewhat heart-

7. Leaves not toothed or if so not heart-shaped: 8. Leaf scars with more than 3 bundle scars;

seeds crescent-or cup-shaped MOONSEEDS,etc. 36 8. Leaf scars with 1 or 3 bundle scars; seeds neither crescent- nor cup-shaped


Subdivision C

Erect Plants with Thorny or Prickly Twigs

9. Leaves not lobed:

10. Thorns less than 1" long or, if longer, then the buds not ball-shaped;

11. Stems ridged; usually somewhat vinelike

MATRIMONY-VINES 37 11. Steins not ridged; never vinelike

OSAGE-ORANGE 38 10, Thorns mostly over 1" long; buds ball-shaped


9. Leaves lobed:

12, Thorns equipped with buds or leaves


12, Thorns without buds or leaves:

13, Leaves mostly over 6"; leaf veins prickly


13- Leaves mostly under 6"; leaf veins not prickly:

14. Thorns mostly over 1" long; buds ball-

shaped HAWTHORNS 39

14. Thorns under long; buds long


Subdivision D

Erect Plants with Thornless Twigs and Deeply Lobed Leaves

15. Leaves fan-lobed, with 3-5 main veins meeting near the leaf base:

16. Plants usually somewhat vinelike; pith with a solid partition near each leaf base SAND GRAPE 34

17 o


Name Plate lfi. Plants upright, not vinelike; pith not as above or if so then the leaf surface very sandpaperlike:

17, Twigs with 2 long lines descending from each leaf scar; if 3 such lines are present then leaves and twigs are yellow-dotted (use lens); leaf scars narrow CURRANTS 41 17, Twigs without such lines, or if present they are quite short; yellow resin-dots are lacking (use lens); leaf scars variable: 18. Plants with all leaves lobed

MISCELLANEOUS 42 18. Plants usually with some leaves not lobed MULBERRIES, etc. 43

15, Leaves feather-lobed, with single midvein, other veins more or less at right angles to midvein: 19. Leaves wide, not at all fernlike OAKS (1), (2) 45,46 19, Leaves long, narrow, quite fermlike SWK1 II KRN 57

Subdivision E

Erect Plants with Twigs ['hornless and Leaves Not Lobed. Either Leaves Fan-veined or Leaf Scars Contain

More Than 1 Bundle Scar

20, Leaves mostly heart-shaped or triangular, with 3-5 stout veins meeting near the leaf base: 2L Bundle scars 3; leaves toothed; bark of upper branches and young trunks usually smooth whitish- or greenish-yellow; lowermost bud scale in the outside position squarely above the leaf scar; pith continuous POPLARS 44

2L Bundle scars 1 to many, or if 3 then leaflets not toothed or pith usually chambered; bud scales not as above ' MISCELLANEOUS 43 20. Leaves neither heart-shaped nor triangular, or if so with only a single main midvein: 22. Twigs with clustered end buds:

23, Acorns or their cups present on the twigs or on the ground beneath the plant; bundle scars 4 or more OAKS (3), (4) 47, 48

23. Acorns absent; bundle scars 3;

24. Leafstalks with glands; broken twigs with a peculiar sour odor; trunk bark often with narrow cross stripes


24. Without such characteristics; swamps from sw. Mo. south CORKWOOD 59 22. Twigs with single end buds:


Name Plate 25. Twigs with completely encircling lines or rings (stipule scars) beneath the leaf scars: 26. Leaves not toothed MAGNOLIAS 49

26. Leaves toothed BEECH 57 25* Twigs without completely encircling lines (stipule scars):

27- [.caves not toothed and not definitely wavy-edged:

28, Buds with a single scale; leaves mostly narrow WILLOWS (1), (2) 55, 56

28, Buds without scales or with more than 1 scale; leaves various: 29. Buds without scales;

30. Leaves usually under 6" long, more or less elliptic or egg-shaped BUCKTHORNS 58

30. Leaves usually over 6" long, wedge-shaped PAWPAWS 59

29. Buds with 2 or more scales: 31- Leaf bases uneven

UPLAND HACKFERRY 43 3L Leaf bases even


27. Leaves with definite teeth or distinctly wavy-edged:

32. Leaves with distinct double teeth:

33. Leaf bases mostly uneven, one side being much lower than the other (see plates); buds many-scaled, the scales in 2 even rows:

34. Leaves quite long-pointed, usually triangular


34. Leaves not long-pointed, mostly egg-shaped ELMS 50

33. Leaf bases mostly even, both sides similar or only slightly uneven:

35. Buds with 2-3 scales, neither hairy nor narrowed at the base; if a tree, the older bark often conspicuously streaked horizontally BIRCHES 52

35. Buds with 2 or more scales, hairy or narrowed at the base: 36. Leafstalks without glands near the leaf base; the older bark not streaked or slightly streaked IRONWOOD, etc. 51


Name Plate 36, Leafstalks with small paired glands near the leaf base; if a tree, the older bark usually streaked horizontally CHERRIES 53 32, Leaves with single teeth or definite wavy edges: 37. Bark of upper branches and young trunks often smooth and whitish- or greenish-yellow; lowermost bud scales located in the outside position squarely above the leaf st ar; leafstalk often much flattened POPLARS 44

37. Bark not of this type; bud scales, if present, not as above; leafstalks not much flattened: 38* Leafstalks mostly with a pair of small swollen glands near the leaf bases; broken twigs with a unique, strong, nonspicy odor; older bark often striped horizontally CHERRIES 53

38. Leafstalks without glands; twigs without peculiar "cherry odor; older bark striped or not:

39, Buds long, slender, reddish, the several scales with tiny dark tips and often twisted; trunk bark smooth and often twisted JUNEBERRIES 54

39, Buds with a single scale; leaves usually long and slender

39- Buds otherwise:

4(1. Leaves spicy-scented when crushed and yellow resin-dotted (use lens) BAYBERRIES 57

40. Leaves otherwise:

4L Pith chambered (see plate)

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