Black Hickory G texana not illusp 141

Dry woods; s. Indiana, s. Illinois, Missouri, and e. Kansas to Louisiana and s. Texas.

Texana Hickory NutSmooth Bark Nut Trees


fThin husk may nor spitF to base)


(Thick waJlod huik)


{Thin oval husk, smooth brown nut)


{Thin husk, sweet kernels}


(Thin husk, bitter »oft-shetted nut)

New Hampshire Nut Trees

Leaflets mostly 9-Í7

Bark of trunk not shaggy

Bark of trunk shaggy yellow, hairy brown, nearly hairless


New Jersey Upland Shrubs

over W

leaflets mosf/y 5-7

Bark of trunk shaggy

Bud scales not paired. End buds over W

Smooth Bark Nut Trees

Twig stout

Texana Hickory Nut
under Vi

Bark of trunk tii not shaggy

Twig stout

Smooth Bark Nut Trees
Twig slender



Copyrki itfii material


Trees with feather-corn pound leaves. Musks of nuts 4-partedL

♦ BITTERNUT HICKORY, Carya cordiforrnis p. 141

Woods; New Hampshire, sw. Quebec, s. Ontario, Michigan, Minnesota, and se, Nebraska to nw. Florida and Texas,

♦ PALE HICKORY, Carya pallida p. 141

Coastal Plain woods; s. New Jersey, N. Carolina, and Tennessee to Florida and Louisiana.

♦ MÖCKERN UT HICKORY, Carya tomentosa p. 141

Upland woods; s. New Hampshire, New York, s, Ontario, s, Michigan, se, Iowa« and Nebraska to n. Florida and e. Texas,

♦ SHELLBARK HICKORY, Carya taciniosa p. 142

Bottomlands and rich soils; w. New York, s. Ontario, s. Michigan, s. Iowa, and e. Kansas to Virginia, wP N, Carolina, n. (Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and e. Kansas.

New Jersey Upland Shrubs


(Biffer kernels) (Swecl kernels! {Fruits large, husks not splitting to base)


(Fruiti large, husks splitting to base)

somewhat hairy

Dipticos Plantas Medicinales

leaflets morffy 7-9


Trunk ridged, not shaggy

Bud scales yellow, in pairs

Mockernut Hickory


hairy or hairless

Bud Scales

Bud scales not yellow, not paired

Trunk ridged, not shaggy

Twigs slender


Mockernut Hickory
Mockernut Hickory

Twigs stou1

Small Hickory TreeBitternut Hickory Tree Louisiana

Leaflets mostly 7-9

Undersides mostly woolly velvety


Trunk rough, not shaggy

End buds over W+ Scales not paired

Twigs stou1

often woolly hairless or fine-hairy

Trunk shaggy, in long strips if>4

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