A breviped unculata not ill us

i CAT GRAPE, Vitis pabnata p. 187

Wet thickets and woods; s, Indiana, Illinois, and se. Iowa to Louisiana and Texas.

V WINTER GRAPE, Vifi* cinerea p. 187

Bottomlands; se. Virginia, s. Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska to Florida and e. Texas, if POSSUM GRAPE, V. bailetjana (not illus.) p. 188

5f BOSTON IVY p. 188

Parthenocissus tricuspidata (not illus.)

Buildings and trees; occasionally escapes from cultivation.

Indiana Tree With Round LeavesBarking Tree Silhouette

Tendrils not forked, sometimes few

Leaves hairless coarsely finely toothed

Older bark smooth

Piths continuous brown white



Tendrils forked, only every 3rd one lacking

Boston 118 Walnut

Piths not continuous

Small Plant With Three Lobed Leaves

Leaves usually not lobed, woolly angled, gray-hairy

Twigs round, bright

Leaves usually deeply lobed, not woolly

Older bark shreddy

Piths not continuous


Copy f Irjlii


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