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Flower Volatiles as Mediators of Sex and Breeding Behavior in Insects

Representatives of all principal classes of floral scent chemicals have also been shown to be used by various insects, although not all these compounds are synthesized de novo by the insects (see the references in El-Sayed130). In insects, the compounds either mediate intraspecific interactions (i.e., they function as pheromones) or interspecific interactions (i.e., they function as allelochemicals). Some plants deceive insects to visit and pollinate their flowers by producing compounds that imitate pheromones or allelochemicals. The foul sulfur- or nitrogen-containing odors and thermogenesis in many species of Araceae imitate allelochemicals that elicit feeding or oviposition behavior in carrion and dung flies.36,48,131-135 Flowers of many deceptive orchid species produce compounds that mimic the sex pheromones of female insects (usually Hymenoptera) and elicit sexual behavior in males, which effects pollination through attempted copulation with the flowers (see Chapter 10).136-139...

Pest management practices within an organic production context

In a review of arthropods pest management for organic crop production, Zehnder et al. (2007) outlined four phases of strategies (Table 14.2). These methods begin with cultural practices that will limit pest outbreaks. The second and third phases are biological control tactics (conservation, inundative and inoculative release of biocontrol agents). The fourth phase is the use of organic-approved behavioural modifiers and insecticides. The former includes repellents and attractants that are often based on insect-derived semiochemicals, such as sex pheromones. The latter cannot be of a synthetic origin. Despite this limitation a wide variety of insecticides is available, including those derived from plants (neem extract, pyrethrum), microbes (Bacillus thuringiensis, granulosis viruses) and fungal pathogens. As noted by Zehnder et al. (2007), these products typically cost more and are not as efficacious as synthetic, broad-spectrum insecticides. Part of this lack of efficacy is due to...

Cultural Practices

There are many species-specific products available for attraction of bark beetles, moths and sawflies. Synthetic pheromones imitating sex pheromones of insects are widely used in forestry, mainly for monitoring purposes, but in combination with a variety of traps, pheromones can also serve as a control tool, especially if the pest population is highly dispersed. Most commonly used in urban forests are pheromone traps for oak and pine tortrix moths (Tortrix viridana, Rhyacionia buoliana) and bark beetles (Trypodendron spp., Tomicus piniperda, Pityogenes chalcographus).

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