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Coffee And Sexual Activity

A healthy sexual response is achieved when proper neurologic, cardiovascular, hormonal, and mental health is maintained. Common hormonal denominators for both men and women relative to sexual desire and response are total- and free-testosterone levels. It has been reported that total testosterone is positively associated with coffee consumption in men 71 and that drinking at least one cup of coffee per day increases sexual activity in elderly women and higher potency has also been reported in elderly men.

Better Sex Naturally

In clinical practice, all too often, one finds that both men and women resign themselves to being less sexually active as they age. This is unfortunate, because, within reason, there is no true age limit to the enjoyment of a rewarding sex life. From a natural-medicine perspective, the ability to have good sex is merely the barometer of overall health. One of the first things that needs to occur in the evaluation of lowered libido or performance is a full evaluation of mental well-being, neurological health, cardiac health with a focus on circulatory health, and the ever important hormonal well-being. It is estimated that as many as one in four men over the age of 20 are measurably low in testosterone. Clinically low levels of testosterone are notable in women upwards of at least a decade from expected menopause. Traditional healers and physicians around the world have long known that there are many natural medicines that can enhance sexual desire and function in both men and women....

Malespecific Health Considerations

Lifestyle choices can also affect prostate health. One large study5 showed that consumption of alcohol can dampen a man's sex life in more than one way. A study of more than 6,500 men revealed a strong correlation between the consumption of 25 ounces or more of alcohol per month and prostate enlargement. Beyond the prostate effect, alcohol is a sedative that can dampen sexual function in a direct fashion, even when consumed in relatively small quantities.

Femalespecific Health Considerations

When considering which natural substances to use for nourishing a woman's sexual vitality, the traditional focus is on herbal products that help to modulate female hormones. Yet, there are natural medicines that enhance blood flow, and these are also critical to a woman's optimal sexual satisfaction. These latter substances are discussed in the section about nutrients that are supportive for both genders. Female-specific herbs include dong quai (Angelica sinensis), black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa), chaste tree (Vitex agnus castus), and wild yam (Dios-corea villosa). Each of these herbs has the ability to modulate and amplify, as needed, the body's hormonal balance. They have all been used traditionally to address the signs and symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome and menopause. (See Chapter 16 on female hormones.) Beyond herbal medicine, some good holistic approaches can maximize well-being and optimize sexual functioning. Some common lifestyle-improvement tips include...

To remove spirits attached to the body

This wild Pandanus sp. (Plate 2-7, 2-8) grows in the bush. Warau refers to the large leaved variety. The edible form of wild pandanus is different and is called misi in Tokples Nekgini. Pandanus sp. works to free the body of spirits and pollution, especially those attached through sexual intercourse, sorcery or poisoning. To remove such spirits, one must break the leaf lengthways and step through it.

Host Cyanobiont Interactions Postinfection

Morphological changes are apparent in both host and cyanobiont following infection, although the most dramatic changes are found in the latter. Such changes in the host often reflect the need for efficient nutrient exchange and they result in increased physical intimacy of the partners. This is not necessary in Gunnera because the intracellular location of the Nostoc ensures efficient transfer of nutrients. However, the area of contact between host and cyanobiont is increased in some bryophytes by the production of multicellular filaments that grow from the auricle wall in the liverwort Blasia and the wall of the slime cavity in the hornwort A. punctatus, and infiltrate the cyanobacterial colony (see Adams 2002a, b Adams and Duggan 2008). However, such wall ingrowths are absent in many other hornworts, including Leiosporoceros (Villarreal and Renzaglia 2006). In cycads, the area of cyanobiont-host contact is increased by elongation of the cells linking the root inner and outer...

Common Denominators

Clinically speaking, there are recurring trends seen among patients who desire to bolster their sexual enjoyment. Interestingly enough, the patients who are seeking such advice are not necessarily at the point of sexual dysfunction, but rather they want to either maintain or enhance an already satisfying sex life. In addition to gender-specific contributing factors to sexual ability, there are three critical health areas that must be evaluated and, to varying degrees, addressed. It is important to remember that there is a lot of overlap when it comes to both sexes and the clinical approach. They include cardiovascular, neurologic, and overall The cardiovascular link to sexual satisfaction makes sense because sufficient blood flow for both men and women is critical to optimal functioning. Both male and female erectile tissues are more sensitive and responsive to stimuli when these tissues are optimally perfused. When one also considers that an estimated 43 of every 100 Americans die...


Certain medications can also inadvertently dampen a patient's sex life. Although many of these medications affect men more severely than such agents affect women, from a total satisfaction perspective, these medications are worth keeping in mind when patients report changes in their sexual function while taking such drugs. The cost benefit ratio must be considered. Some of the more common culprits include antipsychotics, antidepressants, anticholinergics, antihypertensives, and antihistamines.


These natural medicines that have been reviewed are representative of a number of other herbs that have been used successfully to enhance sexual performance. These include wild oats (Avena sativa), yohimbe (Pausinystalia yohimbe), ashwagandha (Withania somniferum), sar-saparilla (Smilax officinalis), puncture vine (Tribulus terrestris), horny goat weed (Epimedium spp.), and damiana (Turnera diffusa). Damiana was specifically shown in an animal study to increase sexual copulatory performance as a result of phyto-progestin receptor activity but not as a result of progestin activity.21,22 The key, however, to achieving the desired results with these and the other natural medicines discussed is appropriate prescribing, based on the underlying signs and symptoms that each individual presents with. Thus, in addressing the 43 of women and 31 of men in the United States who report sexual dysfunction,23 it is clear that ultimate sexual functioning depends on a strong and well-nourished body...


Pygeum (Pygeum africanum) seems to have an effect on male fertility as a result of this herb's effects on prostatic secretions. An important part of the ejaculate, these secretions are designed to assist spermatic survival outside of the body. Sperm motility is affected by the pH of prostatic fluid, and some studies have demonstrated a beneficial effect of pygeum on prostatic fluid pH.48,49 In addition to this effect, pygeum has been shown to be useful for treating prostatitis and BPH. A study of men with these conditions who also had additional sexual disturbance as a result showed that subjects who were treated with an extract of 200 mg per day of pygeum had improvements. At the study's two-month mark, analysis showed improvement of urinary parameters and sexual activity.50

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