Plant growth conditions

Seeds from the lines were germinated on two Whatman filter papers in plastic Petri dishes (9 cm diameter) and when seedlings were 3 days old they were planted, one per pot, into 30 cm diameter plastic pots containing a heavy black soil/potting compost mix (1:1, v/v). The soil was watered and maintained at field capacity and the plants grown outside the field site at the University of Queensland during the months of June-August (the normal time for A. fatua growth and development in the northern wheat belt). When the seedlings were 20 days old, they were placed under three light intensity conditions (i.e. 0%, 40% and 80% reductions in natural sunlight) created by using a non-spectral shift, black Saron shade cloth (Yates, 1989) obtained from KMart Pty., Ltd, Brisbane, Australia. The shade cloth was attached to metal frames (3 x 4 x 4 m) that were set up 5 m apart. The plants were grown under these shade conditions until they reached maturity.

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