Measurement of plant characters

For each of the light intensity treatments applied to the six lines, a number of phe-nological, morphological (i.e. tiller production, plant height, shoot biomass and leaf area) and reproductive (i.e. seed production and seed weight) development features were measured. The phenological development was assessed by measuring the duration of the three major plant developmental phases: (i) the vegetative (from initial germination to floral initiation); (ii) reproductive (from floral initiation to anthe-sis); and (iii) seed maturation (from anthesis to seed maturity) phases, as described previously (Armstrong and Adkins, 1998). The morphological and reproductive features were measured at maturity (i.e. at the conclusion of the experiment). Seed viability and depth of dormancy were measured by using eight different concentrations (0-10 mM) of gibberellic acid (GA3) applied to batches of caryopses (lots of ten per replicate) taken from plant harvests (Armstrong and Adkins, 1998).

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