Donor sites

In late September 2003 donor sites were divided into adjacent peat and LFH areas for salvaging. Organic horizons at the peat donor site were >40 cm and the LFH donor soil had a thin LFH layer (7.5 cm), both sites had an underlying fine textured mineral soil. Two 300 m transects and one 240 m transect spread 75 m apart were used to sample the soil propagule bank and presence or absence of above-ground vegetation at 10 m intervals. A 0.1 m2 quadrat was used to assess species composition adjacent to the soil samples. Adjacent to the quadrat a 10 x 10 cm area of surface organic horizon was sampled at 0-10 cm. A serrated knife was used to cut dimensions of the sample. Core samples did not allow separation of upper and lower strata in the field. The full depth of the organic horizons <10 cm was sampled. Samples were split in half and depths recorded as upper and lower strata. Salvaging donor soils occurred in late October 2004 using large bulldozers. Peat and LFH donor soils were overstripped with 5-20 cm of underlying mineral soil. Both donor soils were stockpiled until treatment set up at the receiver site in late February 2004.

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