Halymeniales Halymeniaceae


Dwarka: N 22° 14.61'; E 68° 57.28' Okha: N 22° 28.50'; E 69° 04.55' Porbandar: N 21° 37.92'; E 69° 36.48' Shivrajpur: N 22° 19.87'; E 68° 56.95' Sutrapada: N 20° 50.18'; E 70° 28.89' Veraval: N 20° 54.87'; E 70° 20.83'

Grateloupia indica B0rgesen

Thallus form and type Substratum Occurrence Season Abundance Description

Grateloupia indica B0rgesen

Leafy and lubricous

Intertidal rocks, calcareous stones

Mid littoral zone, rocks surrounding tide pools



Plants dark red in colour, up to 100 cm in height, foliose, tough in consistency with lubricous surface, attached to rocks by small basal discs; lobes of the frond irregular with sinuate or wavy margins (Figs. a, b); older fronds have numerous proliferations; perforated frond also proliferous; proliferations marginal, small and spathulate.

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