Fucales Sargassaceae

9 cm


Dwarka: N 22° 14.61'; E 68° 57.28' Okha: N 22° 28.57'; E 69° 04.45' Porbandar: N 21° 38.24'; E 69° 35.81' Shivrajpur: N 22° 19.87'; E 68° 56.95' Veraval: N 20° 54.87'; E 70° 20.83'

Sargassum linearifolium (Turner) C. Agardh

Thallus form and type






Foliose and bushy Intertidal rocks

Infra littoral fringe and sub littoral zone, tide pools



Plants dark brown in colour, 60 - 120 cm tall with terete or angular main axis. Main axis and branches spirally arranged, sparsely muricate with leaves; leaves simple, 2 - 5 cm long, 2.5 mm broad, linear, costate with acute apices and short petioles (Figs. a, b); margins sinuate, dentate sometimes with a median wing at the base or with a few teeth on the petiole; receptacles and vesicles present in the axils of the basal leaves of primary branches; receptacles stalked racemose, branches subulate or verucose, vesicles present in the fruiting branches, replacing leaves, spherical to ovate muticose, rarely apiculate, with long leaf like stalk.

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