Dictyotales Dictyotaceae

6 cm


Adri: N 20° 57.58'; E 70° 16.76' Okha: N 22° 28.43'; E 69° 04.10' Porbandar: N 21° 38.24'; E 69° 35.81' Shivrajpur: N 22° 19.87'; E 68° 56.95' Veraval: N 20° 54.87'; E 70° 20.83'

Lobophora variegata (Lamouroux) Womersley ex Oliveria

Thallus form and type







Intertidal rocks, calcareous stones Infra littoral fringe, rock pools November-April Dominant

Plants dark brown in colour, 10 - 15 cm broad, prostrate, overlapping in clusters, upper portions entire, lobate with variegated markings in concentric zones; thalli circular to fan shaped or sub-orbicular when young (Figs. a, b) and attached by rhizoids arising from the basal parts of the fronds, composed of a central layer of rectangular medullary cells, 3 - 4 layers of sub-cortical cells and cortical layer of smaller cells.

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