Ceramiales Rhodomelaceae


4 cm


Okha: N 22° 28.49'; E 69° 04.30' Porbandar: N 21° 38.24'; E 69° 35.81' Shivrajpur: N 22° 19.87'; E 68° 56.95' Veraval: N 20° 54.87'; E 70° 20.83'

4 cm

Acanthophora dendroides Harvey

Thallus form and type Substratum Occurrence Season Abundance Description

Remiform and bushy Intertidal rocks

Lower mid littoral zone, rock pools with coarse sand



Plants dark red to pinkish red in colour, 10 - 15 cm tall, erect with main axis and lateral branches resembling the main axis; branches pyramidally arranged (Figs. a, b); spines absent on main axis, present on branches and ramuli; ramuli attenuated below with occasional spines, spines divergent, conical subulate.

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