Seed Numbers in the Annual and Perennial Seagrasses

As mentioned above only a few species ofseagrasses are known as annual species, and the number of seeds produced by the annual and perennial plants varies greatly. For example, monoecious annual H. decipiens from Toro Point, Panama, had 13,500 seeds m-2 (McMillan, 1988), while the same species at Hardy Inlet, Western Australia, produced 176,880 seeds m-2 (Kuo and Kirkman, 1995). The dioecious annual H. tricostata at Fitzroy Island, in the Great Barrier Reef produced 70,000 seeds m-2 (Kuo et al., 1993). In comparison, the dioecious perennial H. ovalis produced about 480 seeds m-2 at Whitfords near Perth (Kuo and Kirkman, 1992). Plants of the annual Z. marina in Gulf of California, north western Mexico, have lifetime of about four months; they allocate all their resources into a seed production of up to 184,000 seeds m-2 while the perennial Z. marina in Baja California along the Pacific coast produces only 6300 seedsm-2 (Meling-LopezandIbarra-Obando, 1999, 2000).

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