Arnold Dekker Vittorio Brando Janet Anstee Suzanne Fyfe Timothy Malthus and Evanthia Karpouzli

I. Introduction 347

II. Principles of Remote Sensing of Seagrass Ecosystems 350

III. Optical Properties of the Overlying Water Column 351

IV. Optically Deep and Shallow Waters: Physical Definitions 353

V. Methodological Approaches to Assessing Seagrass Ecosystem Characteristics from Remote Sensing 355

VI. Conclusions, Recommendations, and Outlook 357 References 358

16 Zostera: Biology, Ecology, and Management 361-386

Kenneth A. Moore and Frederick T. Short

I. Introduction 361

II. Comparative Biology 361

III. Ecology 370

IV. Management and Restoration 372

V. Future Research Needs 378 References 378

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