The contribution of rice research to poverty alleviation 3

D. Dawe

C3 versus C4 photosynthesis in rice: ecophysiological perspectives 13

Photosynthesis, models, structure, and growth

Limits to yield for C3 and C4 rice: an agronomist's view 39

J.E. Sheehy

Would C4 rice produce more biomass than C3 rice? 53

J.R. Evans and S. von Caemmerer

Will increased photosynthetic efficiency lead to increased 73

yield in rice?

C4 rice: What are the lessons from developmental and 87

molecular studies? W. C. Taylor

C3 and C4 pathways

Requirements for the C02-concentrating mechanism in C4 plants 99

relative to limitations on carbon assimilation in rice G.E. Edwards, 0. Kiirats, A. Laisk, and T.W. Okita

Overcoming barriers: C02-concentrating mechanisms and C4 113

metabolism in relation to transport R.C. Leegood

C4 photosynthesis in rice: some lessons from studies of C3 127

photosynthesis in field-grown rice P. Horton and E.H. Murchie

Performance of a potential C4 rice: overview from quantum yield to grain yield

P.L. Mitchell and J.E. Sheehy

Genes, physiology, and function

How to express some C4 photosynthesis genes at high levels in rice M. Matsuoka, H. Fukayama, H. Tsuchida, M. Nomura, S. Agarie, M.S.B. Ku, and M. Miyao

Influence of carbon-nitrogen balance on productivity of C3 plants

and effect of high expression of phosphoeno/pyruvate carboxylase in transgenic rice

M. Osaki and T. Shinano

Photosynthetic performance of transgenic rice plants overexpressing maize C4 photosynthesis enzymes 193

M.S.B. Ku, D. Cho, U. Ranade, T-P. Hsu, X. Li, D-M. Jiao, J. Ehleringer, M. Miyao, and M. Matsuoka

Rice: practical Issues

Strategies for increasing the yield potential of rice 207

G.S. Khush

Single-leaf and canopy photosynthesis of rice 213

S. Peng

Future intensification of irrigated rice systems 229

A. Dobermann

Rate-limiting steps in nitrogen acquisition by rice in flooded soil 249


Genetic modification and agriculture 257

P.L. Mitchell andJ.E. Sheehy

Discuss;on: opportunities for redesigning rice photosynthesis 269

P.L. Mitchell andJ.E. Sheehy



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