Review: Total Wellness Cleanse

Total Wellness Cleanse

Talking of detox & cleanse related resources, Total Wellness Cleanse undoubtedly is the most comprehensive out in the market. The volume of detox & cleanse knowledge & actionable tips you receive from this course covers each single aspect about the topic.

A Quick Start Guide

A Core Package consists of:

  1. A Cleanse Food Guide 
  2. 119 Delicious Recipes 
  3. The Meals for Cleanse as well as Maintenance Phase
  4. Daily Food Journals 
  5. Shopping List

Audio Seminars:

  1. A Quick Start
  2. A Healthy Colon
  3. Weight Loss Guide
  4. Detoxification Organs
  5. Explained:  Oils & Fats
  6. Bone Health
  7. Sugar Facts
  8. The connection between Thyroid & Adrenal
  9. Food Labels
  10. Environmental/Food Allergies
  11. Dealing with emotional eating
  12. The "Inner Game" & Success Psychology 
  13. Final Words

And plenty of other bonuses.

Total Wellness Cleanse: My Results

The Total Wellness Cleanse is a 30-day course that consists of a 14 day cleanse stage & 14 days “maintenance” stage. I decided to purchase this program from Yuri Elkaim & I was pleased to see everything which he said I would be getting. The program has enough info to catch your eyes & after studying each & every page of this guide, going through the regular training e-mails & listening to all the 13 tele classes which were offered with the program, I was happy to discover that the course teaches you with everything which you must know in regards to cleansing. It offers a precise and structured checklist for getting rid of all the harmful toxins within your body.

Final Verdict:

You will hardly find any other program online today which offers even 50 percent of the value than Total Wellness Cleanse does. The whole training is laid out in a very simple & easy to follow manner & ensures that the users goes through each step in the best possible manner. It is certainly a must buy if you wish to eliminate your present health concerns as well as protect your body from any harms in the future.

Total Wellness Cleanse
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