The Red Tea Detox Review

The Red Tea Detox

The Red Tea Detox has quickly become a sensation among the flat-tammy community. The product was created by Liz Swann Miller and is a cleansing formula that purifies the body and sheds weight instantly and naturally. In just a few weeks, you can lose up to 14lbs regardless of your age, gender or body mass. The creator of Red Tea Detox – Liz Swann Miller is a personal fitness coach of over 10 years of experience in a naturopath.

About Liz Swann Miller

Liz has a degree in Naturopathy and Psychology, in addition to her decades of experience as a personal fitness trainer. She combines all these skills to help those who struggle with overweight issues. She does this by providing an effective remedy that guarantees to deliver tangible results in a few weeks. Liz Swan Miller is a six-time bestselling author. She discovered the Red Tea Detox during her travel in Africa, a product with common ingredients that can be found in any store. This allows everyone to be able to follow the program and lose weight effectively.

According to Liz Miller, toxins are the reasons many people struggle to lose weight. But with Red Tea Detox, you can lose weight easily and shrink the fat cells. The ingredients of the product also contain some stress relievers, because according to him, stress also plays a part in finding it hard to lose weight.  

How Red Tea Detox Works

The product is designed to last for two weeks, which according to the creator, is the perfect length of time for a good detox tea. During the two weeks, you can expect to lose at least fourteen pounds, translating to about a pound every day. Loosing fourteen pounds in just two weeks is far exceeds the healthy pounds recommended by physicians in the same period.

The product should last past two weeks, but the author says that it is safe to repeat as many times as you find necessary. During the two weeks of detox, users are supposed to drink the res tea thrice each day with a snack or meals.

You can also mix with a smoothie or regular protein shake. The tea can be taken iced or hot, whichever pleases you. The red tea is not caffeinated, so it is ok to drink it in the evening without it interfering with your sleep. The product is also sugar-free and vegan.

The Red Tea Detox Format

The Red Tea Detox involves an all-inclusive weight loss program broken down into three sections. The first part involves dieting. The creator of the program Liz Miller highlights the benefits of detoxifying your body before embarking on weight loss journey. In this section, she covers in details about toxins and how they impact your metabolism, the importance of a red tea cleansed body system, and the right energy-rich meal you should eat to speed up the fat burn.

The second section covers the exercise. Dieting and exercising work together hand in hand if you hope to gain visible results. This segment will enlighten you on a variety of highly effective exercise routines that will help you burn body fat quickly. This section is curated to complement the dieting section and combined properly as instructed it has the potential to double the rate of weight loss.

The last section is the willpower. Losing weight is a tough endeavor and requires utmost devotion and without willpower, chances are you may quit halfway. This section will help you learn in details about willpower and the myths commonly associated with it. Developing willpower is a vital part of Red Tea Detox program, and is what you will need to lose weight fast.  

Whom Is This Program Designed For?

Red Tea Detox is a proven product that detoxes your body to lose body pounds fast and for everyone. The tea itself is delicious and is made of 5 herbal ingredients.

The product is suitable for anyone who is seeking to lose weight in a natural way and quickly. The product can shed up to fourteen pounds of fat in just two weeks.

Benefits of Red Detox Tea

This tea contains five natural herbs that benefit your body in the following way:

  • Enhances Metabolism

One of the elements found in the red tea is Aspalathin –a fat-cell shrinker, which also contains bioflavonoid, a substance that decreases stress hormones that are linked to hunger and fat storage.

  • Unlocks the Fat

The tea also contains an ingredient that stimulates the production of adrenaline that speeds up fat-burning rate while boosts insulin sensitivity and reduce cholesterol.

  • Cleanses Fat

One of the ingredients has diuretic properties, so it enhances urine flow without changing the excretion potassium and sodium. This helps your body detox safely and in the right way.

  • Suppresses Hunger

This ingredient helps the body metabolize carbohydrates in the right and efficient way.


  • Detoxes the body effectively
  • Unlimited use
  • Caffeine-free
  • Delicious taste
  • Encourages weight loss


  • Not backed by science or medicine
  • Doesn’t provide the name of the ingredients
  • Vague usage directions
  • Results are not guaranteed
  • The source may not be credible

Bottom Line on the Product

The secret red tea from Africa adds that sense of magic into the Red Tea Detox, but many people may wonder if this background story is true especially because the author does not disclose the specific African country. Nevertheless, the product sounds harmless according to user reviews.

The Red Tea Detox
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