Modern Ayurveda by Cate Stillman Review

Modern Ayurveda

About the creator

She is a hard-working medicine practitioner who has been on the path of yoga. She is a trainer in the yoga realm that covers all areas of well-being and spirituality, as well as an Ayurvedic practitioner as she has been a certified clinical Ayurvedic specialist and panchakarma specialist since 2001, so her credibility is well established? She is also certified in Dr. Vasant lad’s gurukula program in Pune, intensive training in Kerala and as a Yoga teacher for 2 years.

About the product, Modern Ayurveda:

Spirituality is something that is greatly forgotten in today's world, everyone seems to experience certain problems and setbacks in life, from health to anxiety and depression, it is common that you hear of these issues on a growing scary rate. Not everyone realizes they are also a spiritual being, and one of the first things that you can see this is our physical daily life is the circadian rhythm. The truth of the matter is that we can make changes in our lives spiritually, that would alter the way we feel and function. If we by any chance consistently disturb that rhythm, our lives would be full of frustrations, anxiety and health issues, but if our rhythm is aligned, we will experience joy, happiness, and fulfillment in our lives. This was discovered years ago and studied by people who have come up with the discovery of chakra and recommended certain helpful tips that you can practice every day for your physical and spiritual health. This product that the creator is offering, Ayurveda, is all about how to destroy the feeling of feeling miserable and achieve a complete life. This practices preached in this set of information is also going to aid the path for the yoga practitioners to complete their rites.

This going to offer a complete study of the Ayurveda energetics and how to unveil the energy within. The theory has been modernized by it has remained its vintage mystic and basic traditions, which is exactly what the creator Cate has been working on. The program is split into three parts that constitute an easy comprehensive guide that will you through your path of the spirituality of a lifetime, you will finally be able to be fully fulfilled with the life that you want for yourself and experience joy and happiness. It gives you all the things you know about:

  • the 7 chakras of the body from the root chakra, to the crown chakra
  • the spices and herbs to use as a medicine for all purposes such as healing and enlightenment
  • exercises to balance the different doshas
  • the correct diet that will aid you on your journey of spirituality
  • 5-Body hygiene

The first part covers two hours and thirty-eight minutes that introduces the main concepts and lays the groundwork for the two remaining parts, it will showcase :


  • The inter-generational perspective of Ayurveda and awake living works
  • the way energy works and 
  • fix the imbalances in life 
  • fix the breathing patterns in the body
  • full spectrum from pre-conception to death
  • inter-generational wellness and the way it works
  • polarity
  • Chakras and the flow of energy 
  • the location of weight deposition on your body tells about your personality and the center of your power and gravity
  • the location of weight deposition on your body tells about your personality 
  • Kapha, Pitta and Vata ways of working
  • the daily rhythms
  • how to organize your day depending on your energy distribution of the day
  • the body's needs and the time of the circadian rhythms
  • the habits of yogi
  • the koshas
  • all parts of the self and the five bodies
  • the five body hygiene
  • Prakriti AND Vikruti

The second part of the program will be similar in length as it will be 2h 42 minutes that will help guide you on:

  • the stages and rites of life
  • pre-conception to death 
  • How growing is a process of dehydration
  • Shift of identity 
  • how to eat like yogis
  • how to consume life-force
  • Natural ways of preserving food 
  • How to prepare food 
  • Food for your constitution 
  • Fermentation  processes
  • Ayurveda on the mat
  • yoga practices
  • healings

The third part will cover:

  • health and the three doshas
  • health in spirituality
  •  Ayurvedic perspective
  • the relationship between the tongue and health
  • the seven chakras from the root chakra to the crown chakra
  • the uses of spices in medicine of healing

For a total of almost 8 hours, you will be getting an exciting deal that will guide your path for joy and happiness. It will also include a free mat for yoga that you can get if you chose one of the packs that purchase. So you will not only be getting a full knowledge of the subject in a treasured information that Cate has worked hard to discover, but you will also be getting a hard physical mat to practice what she preaches. With this easily downloadable file to hear on anytime anywhere, you can get access to this information through your phone on your way to work or even while actually practicing the yoga techniques, so you will be getting an over the shoulder training that will support you on your way. This will even make you knowledgeable enough to teach these techniques that Cate is talking about to your best friends, loved ones or even students you may take on. How great can that be, you will be getting years of experience from one of the most recognized figures in the realm of spirituality in a mere 8h. You can even listen to them over and over again that will know this by heart. You can access all of this great information that will improve your life for the better just by making a successful purchase, you will get the information that skilled experienced practitioners have worked on instantly with no delay. You can even make your yoga experience much better and much more complete by knowing this information, this is a revolutionary program that will get you on your way of spirituality in no more than 8h that won't even take a day.

Modern Ayurveda
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