Other Wood Products

In addition to wood's uses for construction and furniture/cabinetry manufacture, other significant uses for wood products include the harvesting of wood for use by the pulp and paper industry, production of fibers for use in industry, conversion of raw wood materials into charcoal, extraction of turpentine and similar compounds for use as solvents and paint additives, and the use of cork in the beverage and manufacturing industries. Even the material previously stripped from the logs and discarded prior to transport to the mill is now used. Tree bark is a valued commodity for use in the landscaping/horticultural industry, and in some cases forms an organic component to artificial soil mixes. It is encouraging to note that today none of the parts of harvested trees are wasted—the technology of wood processing is sufficiently advanced to ensure that one of the world's most valuable and sustainable resources is used as efficiently as possible. Management of forests and natural habitats as sources of wood products is essential to provide for increasing needs of wood by humans. see also Conifers; Cork; Fiber and Fiber Products; Forestry; Paper; Trees; Wood Anatomy.

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Yeast See Fungi.

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