Pharmacological Actions Of Ge Gen Related To Its Use In Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Antipyretic action

As an exterior-relieving herb, the main function of Ge Gen is to allay fever and headache. Early research found that a 20 per cent water decoction or 20 per cent alcoholic extract of Ge Gen is able to lower the body temperature in rabbits with artificially induced fever. The alcoholic extract is more potent than the water decoction (Sun, 1956). The crude extract of the root of P. lobata, P. omeiensis and P. thomsonii and the main isoflavone constituent puerarin exhibited different degrees of antipyretic activities in rats with 2,4-dinitrophenol-induced fever (Zhou etal., 1995). The antipyretic action of the herb

Table 3.1 Antipyretic effects of Ge Gen (Lian, 1995)

Treatment Dose Normal body Body temperature change after treatment

(mg/kg) temperature

Saline Aspirin

P. lobata P. thomsonii

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