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In addition to their medical applications, Ge Gen is also a nutritional plant component used as food and dietary supplements. As a dietary supplement, Ge Gen is often ground with water to a powder known as Ge Fen (Kudzu starch, see Chapter 17) (Wang, 1992).

Ge Gen Cha (Kudzu tea): Tea made from 30 g of Ge Gen can be used daily to improve hypertension and chronic headache. It can also be ground to powders together with Huai Hua (Flos sophorae) to make Ge Gen Huai Hua tea which is beneficial to people with mild form of hypertension.

Ge Gen Jiu (Kudzu wine): The juice of fresh Ge Gen or powders of kudzu flower in wine can be used to prevent and relieve drunkenness.

Ge Gen Zhou (Kudzu and rice soup): There are three modifications to the soup for different conditions. For thirsting (diabetic), coronary heart disease, angina pectoris and chronic diarrhea, Ge Gen (30 g) and rice (50 g) are cooked untill it turns sticky. For hypertension, Sha Shen (Radix adenophorae, 30 g) and Mai Dong (Radix ophiopogon, 30 g) are added to make soup. For child cold with fever, headache and vomiting, take 15 g of Ge Gen, 50 g of rice and 6g of ginger to make soup.

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