Vertical Cylinder Pollen Trap

Glass vertical cylinders were shown to be reasonably efficient in sampling air-spora (Gregory 1951; Hirst 1959). The sampler was modified by Ramalingam (1968) to suit for routine aerobiological work in Indian conditions (Fig. 13.4). Vertical cylinder pollen trap, a wind impaction air sampler, is found to be most suitable on account of its simple construction and efficiency. The spore-trapping surface is an adhesive-coated cellophane tape wrapped around a glass cylinder of 0.53 cm in diameter, suspended under a metallic shield. This device is usually installed on the roof of high-rise buildings to facilitate free flow of air around it. Irrespective of wind direction, the airborne pollen and spores get trapped on the vertical cylinder.

Vertical Cylinder Spore Trap

Agashe and Anand alongwith their research students Jacob Abraham, Meenakshi Chaterjee and K. V. Nagalkshamma have extensively used verticle cylinder samplers for collecting data on airborne pollen and spores of the atmosphere in Bangalore, India, while on an ICMR funded research project in 1980.

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