Tilak Air Sampler

It is a modified version of the Burkard sampler fabricated for Indian weather conditions by the outstanding Indian aerobiologist Professor S. T. Tilak. Instead of a vacuum pump, an exhaust fan is provided on the top position of the sampler. The apparatus runs on electric power supply (AC - 220 V) and provides a continuous sampling of air for eight days. The electric clock fitted in the instrument is synchronized with the drum. Air is sucked through the orifice of the projecting tube at the rate of 5 litres per minute and it impinges on the transparent cellotape, which is 1.5 cm in breadth and stuck on the slowly rotating drum. The drum completes one circle in eight days, thus giving the trace of catches for eight days.

The tape should be coated with glycerine mixed with vaseline or petroleum jelly. The mounting of cellotape is done in glycerine jelly. Scanning is done by dividing the tape into eight sections, which are mounted on eight separate slides. The tape can be further divided into hourly intervals for microscopic examination.

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