Pollen Analysis

Pollen is an essential tool in the analysis of honey. Pollen analysis helps in determining floral types and origin of honey as required by commercial import and export requirements by many countries (e.g. correct identification of pollen, categorization and correct labelling). Pollen analyses are an essential tool for honey standards and certification. Data obtained from pollen analysis determine the botanical and geographical origin of honey and the foraging ecology of honeybees. Pollen analysis also helps in determining if honey has been contaminated with poisonous pollen or adulterated. If honeybees die after foraging on poisonous plants sprayed with pesticides, pollen analysis of their pollen loads or honey indicates which taxa are responsible for this catastrophe (Bryant et al., 1990).

Since pollen analyses of honey are concerned with pollen concentration values, pollen diversity and percentages, and floral resources used by honeybees, the alcohol dilution techniques proposed by Jones and Bryant should become the standard pollen extraction techniques for honey samples.

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