Long Distance Dispersal Of Pollen

Interesting observations on long distance dispersal of pollen were made by Erdtman (1937), above the mid-ocean between Europe and North America, he made these observations during his voyage from Gothenburg to New York and back. The occurrence of large quantities of pollen of Pinus, Picea and grasses in the coastal areas of Greenland at 600 to 1,000 km from the nearest forest has been recorded.

According to Moar (1985) Casuarina pollen on a glacier in the South Island of New Zealand was assumed to have been transported from Australia to New Zealand. The transport of spores of Puccinia and Erysiphe from the U.K. to Denmark and northern Germany has been reported.

It was reported that Cedrus deodara (cedar) pollen is transported by air from the Himalayan region up to Lucknow. This was confirmed scientifically as this pollen was trapped by the air samplers used during aeropalynological studies at Lucknow.

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