I feel very honoured to be asked to write a foreword to this important book which will undoubtedly take its place among the classic texts on pollen studies and aerobiology. The book has the distinct advantage of being written by two internationally renowned experts who have been able to draw on a wealth of experience, both from their own countries and also from their extensive knowledge of numerous countries throughout the world. The authors' enthusiasm and excitement for the subject area shine all through the book.

Previously the study of aspects of pollen and aerobiology by undergraduate and postgraduate students has been hindered severely by the fact that published material has been spread over a diverse range of disciplines including meteorology, ecology, botany, microbiology, allergy and forensic science. The text makes a major contribution towards improving this situation and fulfils a long standing need.

This work draws together numerous aspects of pollen studies, aerobiology and allergy into one accessible and well illustrated treatise. The comprehensive treatment has not only produced an extremely useful textbook but it has also resulted in an invaluable source of detailed references for researchers in the field. The timing of the publication is very appropriate. It coincides with a period of rapid increase in the number of courses in aerobiology which are offered in universities and as continuing professional development, such as in environmental health. This book will facilitate understanding and appreciation of the subject area whilst stimulating and inspiring students and researchers alike.

The breadth and depth of the content are particularly notable. The book achieves a synthesis of classic and traditional areas with newly developing applications. The early chapters place pollen studies and aerobiology within their historic contexts and cover the main aspects of aerobiology, whilst the later chapters deal with more novel applications and allergy. The authors are to be congratulated on accomplishing a skilful balance between the various themes presented.

The text meets and surpasses its objectives by providing a wealth of information within a clear and logical framework, supported by numerous references to published work for further reading. The breadth of content makes the book relevant to a wide audience of academics and professionals. It will be valued highly in many disciplines.

Professor Jean Emberlin


National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit University of Worcester WR2 6AJ

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