Correlation Of Aeroallergens With Meteorological Factors

Although the flowering nature is a pre-determined factor for a given species, it is observed that climatic factors influence the flowering pattern by either shortening or lengthening the flowering period or shifting the flowering period earlier or later. The length of the sporulation period is genotypically controlled by external factors such as temperature, wind speed, humidity and rainfall. The environmental conditions are also known to be important for the release, dispersion, transportation and removal of pollen from the atmosphere. Other than the climatic conditions, the presence of the pollen in the atmosphere is the result of numerous developmental stages which may occur interdependently or independent of many stages such as the flowering intensity, formation of flower buds, wintering of buds, ripening process of pollen, opening of the anther, dispersion of pollen in the air through wind and turbulence, transportation by air, deposition, redeposition and viability.

After a six-year survey at Cardiff, Hyde (1952) had pointed out that the magnitude of annual catches of individual pollen types varied considerably, and attributed this mainly to variation in pollen productivity. According to him, pollen productivity of the herbaceous types appeared to be affected by rainfall during the period of vegetative growth. The other reasons that could bring about variation in the magnitude of the annual catches of the individual pollen types were; weather during the preceding year, weather during the current year and intrinsic cyclic variation in flowering.

A review of aeropalynology in Britain was published by Hyde (1969). It has also been found that the allergy symptoms are more severe when there is a change in the weather. Hence, it is worth assessing the pollen count of allergenically important pollen during climatic variations like a thunderstorm and depression so that the symptoms can be correlated to the climatic changes.

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