Tentative Outlook

Nowadays, palynology, as an organ-ismic-based science, can serve as an indispensable tool for various applied sciences, but clearly also can stand alone as one of the most developed basic sciences.

In general, compared to the diplont the male gametophyte in seed plants is yet poorly investigated. From at least 250.000 plant species onlyca 10 percent have been studied with respect to pollen grain morphology, and regarding pollen grain anatomy it is much less.

In the 21st century, no matter what role palynology will play, being a basic field of science or more probably a bundle of applied fields, a vital issue will be the increase of our knowledge of pollen grains and in this context the enhancement of pollen terminology. Modern palynologists, making use of LM as well as EM, need for descriptive matters a clearly defined and pictorial pollen terminology, covering the richness of features and the enormous spectrum of characters.

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