Biological Activity

Strigolactones have been well characterised for their role in the interaction between plants and weeds of the genus Striga, from where these molecules derive their name. During this parasitic interaction, strigolactones released by the host plant promote germination of Striga species (reviewed by Bouwmeester et al. 2003). However, the role of strigolactones during symbiotic interactions with AM fungi was not determined until 2005 (Akiyama et al. 2005).

The amount of strigolactone secretion by roots is thought to be very low, but these molecules are highly potent and are able to induce fungal hyphal branching at picogram to nanogram quantities (Akiyama and Hayashi 2006; Bucher et al. 2009). For this reason, synthetic strigolactones have also been used in the study of strigolactones and AM fungi. Fungal responses after the application of synthetic

Pyruvate + Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate

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