FIGURE 13.2. Regulation of metabolism during soybean seed filling (from reference 3). Combined expression profiles of all 82 proteins involved in metabolism (#) and of 80 proteins involved in protein destination and storage (O) were calculated as the sum of all relative volumes for each protein in several functional categories. WAF, weeks after flowering.

B. napus (also known as rape and oilseed rape) is the third largest oilseed crop in the world, providing approximately 13% of the world's supply of vegetable oil. B. napus seeds also produce proteins as main storage compounds. To characterize the biosynthetic pathways responsible for accumulation of these storage components, B. napus seed proteins were analyzed at 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 WAF using 2-DGE and MALDI-TOF-MS/LC-MS/MS [4]. Developmental expression profiles for 794 protein spot groups were established, and hierarchical cluster analysis revealed 12 different expression trends. The identity of 517 spot groups was determined, representing 289 nonredundant proteins. These proteins were classified into 14 functional categories. Energy- and metabolism-related proteins were highly represented in developing seed, accounting for 24.3% and 16.8% of the total proteins, respectively. Analysis of subclasses within the metabolism group revealed coordinated expression during seed filling. These data provided an in-depth proteomic view on carbon assimilation in B. napus seed. In particular, they suggested that sugar mobilization from glucose to coenzyme A and its acyl derivative involves cooperation between the cytosol and plas-tids and that temporal control of enzymes and pathways extends beyond transcription. Also, as for soybean [3], relative abundances of metabolic proteins decreased during late stages of development as seeds entered into a quiescent state [4].

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