Opportunities in Functional Proteomics Interactomics

As described above, proteome-level research may be categorized as discovery pro-teomics or functional proteomics. India and other developing nations can play an important role in functional proteomics research by elucidating the activities regulated by proteins identified in discovery proteomics research. Even without the most sophisticated or costly laboratory equipment, comprehensive structural and functional characterization of proteins identified in high-throughput laboratories can be performed in the universities and research institutes in India and other developing nations perhaps using existing infrastructure. As more information is generated about the identified proteins, a thorough understanding of how different proteins interact with each other to facilitate necessary cellular activities (i.e., interactomics) will almost certainly develop. Furthermore, with increased information and knowledge being generated from various proteomics projects, comprehensive databases with archived protein sequences, expression profiles, structural features, and functional activities will need to be created and maintained, which is another area in which developing nations, such as India, can more actively participate. Bioinformatics can also play a crucial role in the creation of effective algorithms to predict protein structure that may further facilitate research into protein structure and function [103]. Assuming the availability of technological advances, India can play a major role in cheminformatics research, the development of data resources, and data analysis techniques in genomics and proteomics research areas. India has started realizing the importance of proteomics research, and recently the President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, stated that "India has the potential to tap research opportunities in proteomics and biochips that can help understand biological processes and treat diseases. This is possible even though the country has missed the opportunity to partner in the human genome project" [107]. Dr. Kalam emphasized that the Indian biomedical community should build partnerships in the ongoing Proteomics Project.

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