Proteomics analysis of plant responses to different abiotic stresses has gained substantial interest within recent years. Cellular responses to all common stress factors have been studied in a variety of plant systems. There is a clear focus on drought, cold, and salinity stress, which have the most serious impact on agronomic production, consistent with other biochemical and molecular work performed on these stresses. Collectively, the publications clearly demonstrate that proteome approaches can provide a global analysis of the responses of plant systems toward abiotic stresses. Quite a few protein spots being up- or down-regulated subsequent to stress treatments have been described in earlier targeted analyses, serving as kind of a positive control to validate the proteome analysis. In comparison to current transcript analysis, the proteome studies are less comprehensive, due to limitations in the separation of complex protein extracts. Also, many transcript profiling studies explore the early events in response to stress exposure including the analysis of signaling cascades, whereas most current proteome approaches reflect the final down-stream responses. Analysis of signaling events on the protein level, along with the further investigation of PTMs, is a priority for future proteome analysis of abiotic stress responses in plants.

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